piano lessons in dun laoghaire

Are You Looking For Piano Lessons In South County Dublin?

Do you want to learn to play your favourite songs on the piano, rather than pass exams?

Do you want to learn to play chords, so you can accompany yourself singing?

Do you want to learn to play by ear, and improvise effortlessly so you can sit down and enjoy playing whatever you feel like playing?

If you answered yes to these questions, you came to the right place. Learning to play the piano is an extremely fulfilling thing to do. You will maintain a healthy mind with the results you get from your practice. Music is one of the most valued skills we can develop.

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At Dun Laoghaire Piano Lessons, we don’t teach classical music, nor do we teach students to pass exams. However, some structure is needed to help you progress from week to week and month to month; you need goals to aim for over the short, medium, and long term. To provide this, we created a unique system for those who are looking to learn to play the piano, outside of the classical music system. You can learn to play pop, folk, indie, jazz, and blues, using this system. You can learn to read music, and play in time, and play with others in a group.

The piano belongs to the percussion family of instruments, so rhythm is of course important. The Classical music tradition places more emphasis on melody and harmony than rhythm, and that is where our approach is different. Rhythm is the most important element of music for almost all types of music outside the classical music tradition. If you want to play any type of pop or jazz based music, you better be able to develop good timing! Don’t have natural good timing? Don’t worry, neither did I when I started playing. I developed it by practicing, and using tools such as playing with recordings and with a metronome.

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